Abdulla is an ISSA CPT with extensive in-field coaching experience.

He has been an athlete all his life and now focuses on powerbuilding, although he also enjoys padel and soccer.

Aside from being a certified personal trainer, Abdulla continuous to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in exercise, nutrition, and health sciences.

In May 2020, Abdulla completed the Pre-Script Level 1 course led by Dr. Jordan Shallow. In the program, he learned how to mitigate, rehabilitate, and pre-habilitate poor functional movement patterns.

Currently, Abdulla is enrolled in the Henselmans PT Course Certification program by exercise scientist Menno Henselmans. This helps him continue his education in the best evidence-based practices for improving body composition.

You can contact Abdulla via abdulla@thefitnessin.com.

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